Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the service cost and what does it include?

We work on a detailed quote, and agree with you on the deadlines for payment.

For payment methods, it is possible to proceed by :

  • Deposit: a first payment for the start, a second in the middle of the project and a last one as soon as the final product is delivered.
  • Payment in installments : 3 or 6 installments free of charge.
  • Subscription: according to your needs.

Your role is to specify your project, your expectations and your needs as much as possible so that the estimate corresponds to you and that it is adapted to your budget.

How long will it take to build the website ?

Before you answer this question, you should ask yourself these questions :

  • Do I myself have a launch deadline ?
  • Do I need a very reactive person ?
  • Do I prefer to give free hand to the webmaster ?
  • Do I want him or her to update me on changes only twice a week ?
  • Etc.

What is our area of ​​expertise ?

We create all types of websites, with several tools and techniques and for different clients. We are specialized in the creation of websites in your image, created under WordPress and intended for coaches, consultants, trainers and other human service providers.

Do we offer additional services ?

May this is the maintenance of your website or the natural referencing, think to create a long-term relationship with the service provider you will have chosen.

You no longer need to search for a new service provider again and again. In addition, you will have a trusted person who knows your project, and who will continue to work on your website.

It is for all these reasons that it is essential to detail your needs and expectations.

What to choose for the management of your website between Maintenance and Training?

There are two facets to managing a website:

  • A Maintenance Package
  • Training for optimal use of your Website

You will need to take care of your site daily when it is created.

Maintaining your website can be learned or delegated.

Everything will depend on one essential element for you: Time.

Either you have time to devote to learning, so you will choose training, or you don’t, and in this case you will choose to delegate the maintenance to your webmaster< /b>.

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